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to Hidden Gems with Grace

Grace is your best friend who will introduce you to all the hidden gems in the city of Paris and other fabulous places around the globe!

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The go-to item that completes any outfit: A Blazer

This blog post is part of a ten part series titled: "Parisian Flair and the history of the pieces that make them so iconic". Search #stylehistory for more posts on essential pieces that should be included any stylish wardrobe. Tom Ford knows how to create a beautiful blazer. A blazer is that ... READ the POST

How to Tour Paris like a local, shopping the City of Light? Join us for The Red Tour!

Our “Travel with Grace” Red Tour which is a 5-day tour in Paris with me, is an opportunity to go on a carefully curated excursion through the fashionable city, discovering new places and shopping for the perfect piece, always with an eye for the trademark of Parisian elegance. The Red Tour ... READ the POST

Do you want to be treated like a king?

When you win the fève in your slice, you will be treated like a king for the day, or you can just take time to savor the flaky goodness of this sweet French treat. Galette du Roi is an iconic French treat that is enjoyed through the month of January.  When in Paris the boulangerie (or ... READ the POST

How to bring a little French style to your New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve is a significant time - time for new beginnings, and time for saying goodbye to the old year while ringing in the new.  This year has been challenging (to say the least) but there must always be that glimmer of hope that we know and depend on for our situations to change for the ... READ the POST

Where can we find Paris in Atlanta? Tour de Avalon!

Avalon, just a quick trip up 400 to exit 10, is a wonderland of delights for shopping a quaint, open neighborhood: just like a Parisian. Start your day at Café Intermezzo for coffee and a croissant. The international feel of the bistro tables outside will get you in the mood for a stroll along ... READ the POST

Paris September 2021

Stay tuned for more information about a trip to Paris with Grace! Sign up for our emails for the first chance to save your place on our tour roster. ... READ the POST